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Taking care of your home from the UK

The way your home is managed is quite unique within the industry as our structure has the British owner's interest very much at the forefront.

Our UK office in Liverpool is where we take care of all your needs. The friendly staff here are your first point of contact and they deal with all the administration for your home, including: applying for licenses; setting up the utility accounts, paying sales and tourist development taxes and managing your monthly owner accounts.

The staff in the UK also liaise with our tour operators as well as handling all of the worldwide rental enquiries and reservations. They are also responsible for the marketing of all homes.

Taking care of your home in the US

The actual day to day management of your home is handled by our team on the ground in Orlando who will liaise many times throughout the day with the UK office, updating them on any developments within the homes. It is their responsibility to ensure all of the maintenance tasks and guest queries are dealt with in a friendly and efficient manner.

In short, we have a great team over here and over there.

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UK Team Take Care of:

Owner Liaison
Licence Application
Setting Up Utility Accounts
Sales and Tourist Development Tax Returns
Owner Accounts
Tour Operator Liaison
Rental Marketing

US Team Take Care of:

Pool Cleaning
Pest Control
Lawn Care
AC Units


Florida Property Specialist


Florida Property Specialist

If you are interested in any of the homes, please call Paul or Pauline on 0845 260 2144 or fill in the form above.